Monday, March 21, 2011

Let the Voting Begin!

Today is the first day of voting for the Instructables Pi Day Contest. Get out and vote early...and often! ;-) You have to log into Instructables to vote, but you can do so using your Facebook account name and password.

While I hope I get a ton of votes, I'm also glad that this contest is not just a popularity contest. The Instructable judges will choose half of the finalist based on votes. They will choose the other half based on their own criteria. The winner will be the one the judges choose after rating them all on a 10-point scale. So, even though I don't have a ton of contacts online who can get out an vote for me, I think I still have a pretty good chance of winning.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't go vote for me. Please....go vote!

Quick and Easy Pie Chart Pi Day Fruit Pizza Pie

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