Monday, April 4, 2011

The Future of Gaming

Click on the title of this entry and you'll be taken to a video about the future of gaming. I admit, the first part isn't all that interesting, unless you are curious about the amount of money Facebook games are bringing in. But hang in there. About halfway through, Professor Jesse Schell starts describing an average day in the future and how gaming has infiltrating every part of our lives.

I have to admit that some of what he suggests seems over the top, while other aspects seem down-right scary. But, there are some cool aspects, too. And, after seeing this video, I've begun to see the seeds in our current world that could easily take root and grow into the types of gaming Schell describes. After watching the video, you'll understand why I nearly jumped out of my seat when I noticed a waitress at 99 Restaurant last night with a V8 tattoo!

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